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November 3, 2022249 ViewsGloves8

If you’re not promoting your company logo on your workers’ PPE, you’re missing out on a fantastic and highly influential branding opportunity. It’s one of the easiest ways to build brand awareness and confidence – both on and off your worksite.

Is it really worth it to brand PPE?

Since it is often the outermost layer of a worker’s attire, for industries required to comply with safety apparel standards, a workers’ PPE serves as its company uniform and what is often noticed first.

It’s an efficient and effective way to stretch your marketing dollars too, but don’t just take our word for it.

A few years back, a marketing research group surveyed 14 major industry groups, ranging from general building contractors to auto repair services. The majority of respondents (67%) found branding their uniforms was a more effective way of increasing their company’s visibility than other popular sources, including the internet, TV, and radio.

Those survey results still hold today. A 2021 McKinsey report concluded companies that improved brand visibility the most increased return on invested capital (ROIC) by about three percentage points more than those whose visibility declined the most.

Branding ideas for essential PPE

Because so many items can be branded these days, employers have choices on what safety apparel they choose to display their logo on. Branding can be done on items like jackets, shirts, and vests. But you can also put logos on most work gloves, hard hats, and safety glasses.

Below, we’ve put together a list of some popular safety apparel that can easily be branded and usually comes in various colors that will complement your business style. These are only a few ideas of what PPE you might want to brand and where to put your logo. We’re open to your suggestions on logo placement and can help you narrow down your choices.

1. Elevate your brand awareness with your company logo printed on the back of your vests, jackets, and protective apparel. 2. Personalize and keep your workers’ hands safe with branded work gloves. 3. Customize your logo on your favorite brand of hard hats or safety glasses.

Now that you’ve decided to stand out from the crowd with branded PPE, the next question is what type of printing will work for you and who should you trust to do it?

Choose a straight-forward printing process that suits the PPE

There are two main processes used when it comes to branding workwear: pad printing and silkscreen printing. Both methods create a well-defined image and can produce a variety of colors. But each technique is used specifically for certain types of PPE to get the best results.


Transferring two-dimensional images onto a three-dimensional object is an offset printing process called pad printing. It requires an etched plate and a pad to transpose the image. Pad printing machines utilize three main components to successfully deliver a print to an object: the plate, the ink cup, and the pad.

First, an image is etched onto the plate. Then the ink cup holds the ink and slides it across the etched plate. This leaves a tiny amount of ink in the etch.

From there, the pad delivers the ink using a soft silicone material that presses and moves it over the underlayer, where it is pressed again to transfer the image.


Screen printing is used to print larger images and is one of the most popular printing techniques used for putting logo designs on a variety of products. In most cases, it is a process used with fabrics and paper, but it can be adapted to suit other materials, including wood, ceramics, and plastics.

As the name suggests, the process involves making a screen and then applying ink to the material. The ink is pushed through small holes in the screen, transferring it to the material underneath.

It takes one screen for each color, and by using several screens, you are able to layer different colors – one on top of each other, creating the details in the provided logo or design.

Trust your brand with a recognized leader in safety

It’s not always easy to get branding right. That’s why it’s essential to work with experienced professionals who can offer advice on fabrics and the dimensions and positioning of your logo and help you achieve any special requirements.

At Gloves8, we recognize the importance of your brand so when we are trusted with providing a custom logo – we treat your logo with respect and make sure you have a quality finish. Our in-house branding experts will recommend the best process for your branded PPE and ensure your custom logo stands out, gets noticed, and increases your brand awareness.

So, if your business would like to add a professional value-added look by printing your custom logo on your PPE – get in touch and find out more about all our options.