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To avoid altering food and to keep its quality intact. Applicable European hygiene standards impose wearing gloves for edible food contact. These gloves meet demanding health criteria and guarantee maximum hygiene and safety.

The purpose of protective gloves is still to protect operators from the risks involved in handling cutting objects in particular. However, the gloves must not contaminate the food products being handled. This why these gloves will be tested in various possible use conditions to make sure no particles from the glove get into the food.

They can be used for production, processing and food and agri-food retail, but also in kitchens and catering. These gloves are often blue, to be able to spot possible debris when handling food.

There are a few simple rules to keep in mind when choosing food gloves. First of all, choose a pair of gloves adapted to your activity and the risks involved. The gloves must provide a good level of protection. Therefore, choosing the right glove size is essential for perfect dexterity.

If you choose reusable gloves, make sure they are easy to wash.

Finally, glove colour is also important, preferably choose blue. This colour is not very common in foodstuffs and makes it possible to quickly spot any glove debris that may fall into the processed foodstuffs.

What are the different types of certified food gloves?

There are different certified “food gloves” on the market, each with its own specificity:

What is “food contact” certification?

“food contact” certified glove“ can be recognised by the small fork and glass symbolf (featured on the glove and on the product technical data sheet and declaration of conformity). Regulations indicate that this type of glove is suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs.

The materials used are not likely to alter or deteriorate the composition of the food when it is handled.

Finally, food gloves must comply with EC Regulation n° 1935/2004 and more specifically with EU Regulation n°10/2011, which define the objects and materials suitable for contact with food products. Choosing a certified glove compliant with applicable regulations guarantees maximum safety.

What are the food glove characteristics?

Food gloves must have a certain number of characteristics:

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