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May 9, 2023213 ViewsGloves8

Heat resistant gloves are special heat resistant safety protection gloves used in high temperature environments. Different heat resistant gloves can be selected according to the temperature of the hand contact. The extremely high temperature mixed chemical fiber five-finger gloves are designed with abrasion-resistant skin on the palm and index finger. Generally used in high temperature, open flame or heat radiation environment.

Heat resistant gloves can be divided into: carbon fiber heat resistant gloves, asbestos heat resistant gloves, glass fiber heat resistant gloves, and aramid heat resistant gloves.

According to performance, it can be divided into: ordinary heat resistant gloves, flame retardant heat resistant gloves, dust-free heat resistant gloves, anti-static heat resistant gloves, dust-free antistatic heat resistant gloves, anti-cutting, wear and heat resistant gloves.

Heat resistant gloves are used in more and more industries and have become an indispensable labor protection product in high temperature working environments. These heat resistant gloves are also widely used in various industries such as petrochemicals, cement, ceramics, power plants, aluminum, and welding.

These two factors are indispensable. The temperature of the contact object is to consider that the glove material on the contact surface of the glove and the high-temperature object will not undergo physical or chemical reactions due to high temperatures, such as burning or carbon after reaching the ignition point, or oxidation after high temperature. The single contact time is the time when the temperature from the outer surface of the glove reaches the inner layer of the glove and exceeds the temperature that human hands can tolerate. If your single contact is less than this time, then it is within a safe time range.