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August 22, 2022308 ViewsGloves8

From sweaty hands to a lousy grip, there are as many excuses for taking work gloves off as there are for putting them on. But workers who take their gloves off at the job site put their hands at a much higher risk for injuries like lacerations or punctures.

Still, many workers need to remove their gloves to access touchscreen devices to communicate or operate productivity apps in use by many industrial facilities. Luckily, it does not have to be an either/or situation. Instead, you can reduce the risks of hand injuries to your workers by offering touchscreen safety gloves they’ll keep on.

Knowing what gloves work with the type of on-the-job swipe technologies your facility uses is key. To make it easier, we’ve highlighted the features you should look for in a touchscreen glove to find the ideal protection for your team.

Meet Your Team’s Needs with Connection and Functionality

For touchscreen gloves to meet your work demands, it is essential to consider the equipment in use and the risks your crew faces every day. These potential dangers should guide the style, material, cut rating, and coating you require.

Pick the Ideal Material

The many material options available may make the selection process difficult for you. Especially if you are in the market for a multipurpose touchscreen work glove. For most applications, the materials used in touchscreen gloves should be at the very least:

Select Your Required Features

Some gloves come with application and screen-specific features like:

Ensure a Great Fit

Sizing and fit will determine how comfortable the glove will be and ensure your workers keep them on. Depending on the job task, you want a glove that offers maximum protection with enough flexibility and dexterity for unrestricted movement.

The breathability, shell gauge, and overall construction of the glove are critical to its comfort. As part of that, compare seam options and consider the following:

Good Hand Protection Isn’t One-Size Fits All

Undoubtedly, touchscreen gloves are the best way to keep your hands protected while still being in communication with internal devices or the outside world. They enable wearers to easily access screens without having to remove their gloves.

And more importantly, by not removing their gloves, the risk of forgetting to put their gloves back on is eliminated.

If you’d like to try one of our touchscreen gloves for yourself, visit our sample request form page to inquire about a free trial pair.