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Whether in the workshop or on a work site, welders are subjected to many thermal or mechanical risks that must not be overlooked. Protecting hands with personal protection equipment is a no-brainer for welders. Both strong and effective, welders’ gloves must adapt to the morphology of the hands and to the risks while preserving the dexterity required for welding techniques.

What is a welders’ glove?

Welders’ hands are the body parts most exposed to heat and electric conduction when handling their various tools. The only way to effectively protect the hands is to wear protective gloves. These must fulfil two essential functions for the safety of the welder: mechanical protection from cutting by slicing and tearing, and excellent thermal insulation from contact and convective heat. Flames, molten metal, abrasion and perforation are everyday risks that need to be protected against. The composition of the protective glove is therefore essential; leather is the main material in welders’ gloves. Their inside is lined with a heat-protection fleece. They are completed by a cuff that provides reinforced hand protection extending to protect the wrists and forearms.

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Welders can choose from two types of glove:

Welders’ glove characteristics

The different types of welders’ gloves

Welders’ gloves comply with European standards, including the EN 407  standard which tests these gloves for different strengths:

Next comes the EN 388 standard which specifies the resistance levels of gloves to abrasion, cuts, tears and punctures.

Finally, the EN12477 standard which classifies welders’ gloves into 2 categories:

The different welders’ gloves materials

Depending on the origin of the welders’ gloves leather, there are subtle differences in effectiveness:

Standards governing welders’ gloves

It is essential that welders’ gloves meet the standards that guarantee their effectiveness. These are clearly indicated by markings directly on the gloves:

Finally, it is important to correctly choose the glove size because the length of the gloves is specific to this activity: from size 6 (30 cm) to size 11 (35 cm).

Welders’ gloves: one of several items of equipment for welding

Welders’ equipment is not limited to hand protection gloves. Other personal protection equipment is also essential for the protection of welders, of which many body parts are permanently exposed to serious risks. Thus, welders should not hesitate to complete their protective clothing with:

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