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MCR Safety | 6912 NeoMax Series | Neoprene Coated Work Gloves

Not only does the NeoMax™ have a great name, but it provides outstanding protection. The 6912 is a rugged double dipped neoprene glove with a soft brushed interlock liner that provides comfort. The sandy finish helps you get a better grip in wet or dry conditions. This glove is treated with ActiFresh® to prevent odors and eliminate bacteria caused by perspiration. If you are looking for the best neoprene coated work gloves, look no further than MCR Safety! Go to the Max with NeoMax™!


RAPICCA | Leather Animal Handling Gloves Bite Proof for Dog | Cat Scratch,Bird,Falcon,Reptile Snake

This is a professional grade product that is used by veterinarians, animal handlers, kennel keepers, groomers, breeders, various types of professional animal handlers, and other such professionals who work under extreme condition and are in constant risk of getting their hands slashed or brutally injured.


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